Strictly Milonguero Seminar

Strictly Milonguero Seminar

with Emile Sansour, Teresa and Thalia


Milonguero-Style can be challenging even for highly advanced tango dancers. A lot of tango dancers use a close embrace when dancing at a tango marathon, but they do not actually use the Milonguero embrace.

In this seminar we want to give the opportunity to understand what ‚Milonguero‘ really is and why it is an attractive style to use at tango marathons. We will convey expert knowledge on the secrets of the Milongueros and their technique. In order to enjoy ‚Milonguero‘ even more – either at a marathon or a regular milonga – we want to move in a natural and aesthetic way that is comfortable for both. Starting with the basics of Milonguero-Style we will soon move on to complex movements and sequences.


Level: advanced



Saturday, November 23, 13:15 – 16:30 (incl. 15-minute break)


Milonguero Embrace, Connection, Re-Action and Interaction

Milonguero Body and Asthetics of the Couple

Milonguero Walk and Basics of Tete Rusconi’s Style

Giro Cortado and other typical Milonguero-Turns



Sunday, November 24, 13:15 – 16:30 (incl. 15-minute break)


Complex Sequences with Giros and Changes of Direction

Rhythmical Variations and Dynamics

Combinations of Volcadas and Colgadas

Milonguero in Milonga and Vals



Intango-Seminars are characterized by their integrated approach. We look on a topic from different perspectives (musicality, connection, technique, aesthetics, development..) and not only from one or two. We give our students a lot of material and rich information to work with. By this approach we enable our students to achieve a lasting effect on the quality of their dance.

Emile Sansour has been teaching tango for thirty years. He is the founder of the Intango school and one of the pioneers of Argentine Tango in the South of Germany.

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