The story behind

When you enter the place you feel like diving into another era …

A couple of years ago at our milonga ‚Estación Tango‘ in Mannheim central station a woman suddenly approached us. When she saw us dancing she had the wish that we would dance tango in her place.

We went to the address in Ludwigshafen am Rhein to take a look at her place. From the outside we had no guess at all because the neighborhood is very ordinary. First we had to pass a gate that led us through a backyard before we finally ended up in front of a large building. When we entered the place we felt like diving into another world. The idea was born to organise tango events in this extraordinary place.

The historical building – today known as Cinema Paradiso & Arte – was originally built as a church in 1886. In the 1960ies it was transformed into a cinema. Today it is a unique place of art and culture.

The venue has two floors. From the gallery you can sit and have a nice view on the dancefloor. Antique coaches and sofas invite for relaxing and chatting during the tandas.

You can hardly describe the place with words – you just have to experience it. And most of all what you want to do here is dance tango!